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- In the Summer of 1953 my father Geoffrey Gander and his friends set off on their annual Motor Cycling holiday around Europe. It was probably quite an adventurous trip to take at the time.



I have now been informed that so many modern foreign bikes ridden by smartly dressed English riders would have been quite a sight on Europe's roads. They would ride through France, Germany, Austria, Italy and Switzerland. We think of old bikes as being unreliable, but my father and his friends were keen riders and engineers and completed the trip without much more than a puncture. The bikes that took part in the trip were: GAU 856 Brough Superior SS100 with fuel in the loop sidecar.

This bike still exists and I wonder if any of the others do? AHC 650 Triumph Thunderbird. He bought this one on 22nd July 1950 for £219 16 9 and by the day they set off in July 53 it had done 24,900 miles. KBY 571 Sunbeam. VMM 871 Sunbeam At least one of these Sunbeams should still exist as it was owned by my dads pal and Best Man (when he married) - Fred. He owned it until he passed away about 10 years ago so hopefully it is surviving somewhere? AHC 963 Triumph I have published these pictures as I like them and I hope that anyone interested in bikes of this era will also enjoy them. I have all his pictures from numerous other trips and will try and publish these when I find the time as they are also full of beautiful pictures.

It was the second anniversary of my fathers death that had been looking over his old picture albums and I guess it was that was the inspiration to put the on a web page, thinking that a few people might like them ... If you own any of these bikes then please do get in touch and I can give you high resolution copies of the pictures. When we cross from England to France now we have a ferry or the tunnel. For this trip they choose to fly the bikes from Lympne Airport in Kent over to Le Touquet.